Angela Reuss aka DJ KoolAide was born

and raised in Cincinnati Ohio.  Her name

is KoolAide because of the diversity in the

flavors and colors of the drink mix called

Kool-Aid. It's a metaphoric description of

her reasoning behind becoming a DJ -That

in which is bringing together

all cultures and diversities through the

universal language of music.

She currently has a radio show in

Cincinnati Ohio on 95.7FM WVQC and

works for Media Bridges which is a

community TV and radio station.  ​



Dj Koolaide's talents, hard work, and dedication led her to a win for

"Best Dj" from the "Northern Kentucky Greater Cincinnati Hip Hop Awards" in 2012.  In September 2013, she was nominated and voted the runner up for "Best New Dj" in Ohio at the Ohio Hip Hop Awards. 




She started her career as a photographer when she was 19 years old . In 1998 starting with children’s and family portraits, then evolving into photography of weddings, models, entertainers and marketing.        

Her creative inspirations and main influence came from her father Thomas Reuss who was a lead guitarist, musician, producer, and song writer.  Her Grandfather Lawrence Wollner who was a professional photographer.  She is also inspired and encouraged by her 3 children.

​Dj KoolAide was raised in a small town with majority white people where many were racists who outcasted her because she has always believed in respecting and loving humans as humans, no matter their cultural background, their belief, their race, social class/status, etc.   She believes that working together and supporting one another will lead to success for all involved.

While her father taught her mostly classical rock on the guitar, her passion continued to evolve into hip hop.   In the year 2000, she began exploring her capabilities with hip hop music and started mixing samples and producing hip hop beats as a hobby.   



Dj KoolAide also raised 3 children while struggling in a relationship with a drug abuser.  She also experienced racial discrimination and harassment from one of her employers.  This experience among many others has inspired her to fight against racism and to work to bring together different cultures and diversities- Hence, the "World Hip Hop Movement".​


​In the year 2009, her new life began as a single mother.  and shortly thereafter (in 2010), Dj KoolAide found an organization called Media Bridges (a place she called home).  She started as a volunteer and within a few days, was hired on as an employee.   This is where she expanded her skills in graphics, websites, video editing, video production, live television studio, and radio.   Throughout her time at Media Bridges, she has become a graphic artist, started her own radio show; and participated in various music videos and TV shows.


Even though Dj KoolAide never aspired to be on the radio, she was inspired to produce and host a show which is now known as the "World Hip Hop Movement" which pushed her to the front of media exposure.   She now enjoys producing her shows and hosting. While interviewing various artists and showing people there is a different way of looking at cultures and music of the world.  The "World Hip Hop Movement" show is Spiritual because is designed to bring together different cultures and diversities through the universal language of music and to help talented indie artists by giving them radio air play.  Dj Koolaide's work in PR and marketing has helped to bring the World Hip Hop Movement organization to a broad spectrum of people.  She believes that working together and supporting one another will lead to success to all involved.​ 


In 2012, she started working for Party Pleasers Dj Company that was founded by Tim Fritz.  The company is ranked number 5 in the nation for the quality of their lighting and Djs.  Also during 2012, she wrote a book titled “The Parent's Toolkit” which has been copy written and is due to be published in the spring of 2014.



Dj KoolAide has worked to expand the World Hip Hop Movement network to various areas of the world by airing both well-known and unknown talented artist’s music from all over the world; being a part of the World Choir Games; Traveling to various citys and states of the U.S; Traveling out of the U.S. to Israel; and being a media correspondent for various events both inside and out of Cincinnati.   She has covered events with both National and Indie acts, including, Kendrick Lamar, Lil Wayne, T.I., Juvenile, A$AP Rocky & Wiz Khalifa as well as many others.  The World Hip Hop Movement continues to catch on and expand. 


One of Dj Koolaide's favorite things to do is reveal un-displayed talent from all over te world.    She believes that true talent should prevail; and says she is happy and privileged to give anyone who has strong talents and abilities the opportunity to put their music out there and to help them grow. 



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